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How we began


Written by tayto twin 1

It all began when I first went to tayto twin 2s house for the first time and she gave me a bag of Taytos, I had never had these or even heard of them! So when we had them we both were like, "OMG! I LOVE THESE!" so we became the Tayto Twinz. Our friend told us about "eWebsite" and we were like omgomgomg we are soooo making one, then www.taytotwin.ewebsite.com was born. :)


written by tayto twin 2

When tayto twin 1 came to my house for the first time and i gave her a pack of the crisps/chips. She loved them:) LoL. When our friend told us about "eWebsite" we freaked over the idea of making a website :)

End of story WE LOVE "TAYTO" :) :) :) :)


         THNX :)      





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